Training Classes

Inroduction to Military/Veteran Life

A basic one hour course that will help you and your employees understand how the military works, rank structure, acronyms and basic core values. 

Talent Aquisition

A one hour course dedicated to the recruitment of veteran employees.

Interviewing Veterans

A one hour course focused on the interview process with potential veterans employees. 


A one hour course showcasing onboarding of veteran employees, including, company culture adaptation and mentoring/buddy programs. 


A one hour course pertaining to the retention of veteran employees, special accommodations and understanding. 

Employee Development

A one hour course dedicated to developing veteran employees into great leaders for your company. 

Training Classes

The Benefits of Hiring a Veteran

A two hour course that covers all of the benefits of having veteran employees. (counts as 2 courses)

Financial Incentives

This one hour course covers the current available State and Federal financial incentives for hiring veterans. 

Mentorship and Networking

This one hour course covers implantation of a Veteran mentorship and or networking program. 

Local Resources

This one hour class is dedicated to teaching you all you need to know about local Veteran resources. 

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